This is How Mark Lens Became a Huge Cricket Fan

If you have read the page about how NetMediaEurope came into being, then you will be aware that the founder, Mark Lens, is partial to playing a bit of poker every now and then. However, there is something else that he loves, and that is cricket.


How Did He Develop a Love for Cricket?

Mark was born and raised in Cardiff, Wales, so you would think that he would have a huge passion for rugby. While he does like to watch the occasional rugby match, cricket is his favorite sport by a country mile. He discovered cricket through this cricket sites by the way.

When he was growing up, he wasn’t much of a sports fan, but this all changed on his 13th birthday. While Mark loved everything to do with technology, his dad was a huge cricket fan.

His dad was English and had been born and raised in Hampshire. He was a huge Hampshire county cricket club fan and would go the Ageas Bowl every weekend to watch them play.

Obviously, when he moved the family to Cardiff because of his job, he couldn’t go as often as he liked, but he still tried to get to a game at least once a month.

One Saturday morning, he woke Mark up nice and early and told him that he was taking him to the Ageas Bowl to watch Hampshire take on Yorkshire. Yorkshire are one of the best teams in England, so he wasn’t expecting a win.

Mark didn’t want to go, but his dad told him that he had no choice and that he would really enjoy it.


His Dad Was Very Right

It took them nearly three hours to drive from Cardiff to drive to Southampton and, when they finally arrived, Mark was in a really bad mood.

However, when they entered the ground, he was pleasantly surprised by what he saw, and he was impressed by the atmosphere that was permeating across the ground.

Yorkshire won the toss and decided to bat first. In their allotted 50 overs, they managed to knock up 350 runs, which was a pretty daunting total.

At the halfway stage, his dad gave Hampshire no chance. When Hampshire were batting, they lost a couple of early wickets, but a third-wicket partnership of 140 runs gave the home side hope. With six balls remaining, Hampshire needed 20 runs. They hit the first four balls for six, meaning that they won the match by 6 wickets with two balls to spare.

What a first match it was for young Mark. In fact, as soon as it finished, he told his dad that he wanted to come to the next match that he goes to. His dad told him that matches are not always like that, but Mark said that he didn’t care.

The hook was well and truly set and he has been a huge cricket fan ever since. He tries his best to get to at least a handful of Hampshire games every season.