CT Gaming is One of the Best Software Providers in the Gambling World

One of the true giants of the land-based casino industry, CT Gaming, known up until recently as Casino Technology, is a software developer that has an industrious and long history of supplying the best slot games to some of the best gambling companies in the world. Over the last few years, they have made their way into the online market and they now provide their clients with the ability to transfer land-based offerings into the online world. In other words, they have blended the borders between online and offline gambling.


One of the Biggest Technology Providers

CT Gaming, who have been around for over 20 years, is a Bulgarian-based software technology company that have now become synonymous with reliability and quality in the land-based casino industry. They now supply casino games to more than 50 countries on five different continents, which means that if you have entered any major casino in America or Europe, then there is a very good chance that you have already played their games.

In the last few years, they have diversified their operations by launching Casino Technology Interactive, which is a program that is designed to bring their gaming solutions into the modern world using full mobile compatibility and multi-channel methods. Their goal was to give their clients a way to stay in touch with their clients once they had left the casino, which helped them to build a type of brand loyalty that land-based casino operators have never had before.

Following their digital division launch, CT Gaming now has several thousand staff members and they now have more than 500 games that they can offer. The games that they produce include the likes of slot machines, roulette wheels and bingo terminals, all of which have been moved into the online world rather seamlessly.

5 of the Best

When it comes to the systems that they offer, their mode of attach centres mostly on technology that has been called “The Big 5 Suite”. This is a gaming solution with multiple channels that allows companies to make a very smooth transition from brick and mortar gaming to mobile gaming. This program offers solutions to all aspects of casino gaming due to the five animal-themed system that it has.

First there is Rhino, which is a classic system that is used to manage traditional brick and mortar casino gaming and it gives their operators a variety of options to improve their control on the slot floor. When it us used alongside the other Big 5 systems, it becomes even better as it then includes analytical tools that help users get a better understanding of their players’ gambling behaviour, which means that they can then get a better idea about how to optimise their operations.

Leopard gives its users a cost-efficient program for casino operators to manage their online business and also gives players the chance to select a wide variety of products and games from one lobby. The Leopard platform is backed up by the Elephant platform, and this is a remote gaming program that is able to distribute CT Gaming’s games across all gaming channels, including mobile and desktop.

The Buffalo system is the one that controls the prizes. Just like the other systems that we mentioned, this one is also accessible across brick and mortar casinos and allows progressive jackpots to build up seamlessly. The system gives their users the ability to configure payouts as they deem fit and also gives them proven jackpot maths.

The final system is Lion, and this system is used for payment processing. It allows cash and credit transfer between different locations as well as between online and land-based casinos, making it a lot easier for CT Gaming to manage their clients’ funds while avoiding extra bank charges.


So Many Options to Choose From

All of this technical stuff will be great news for their clients, but it does not mean an awful lot to casino players unless they are able to provide a variety of well-made games that keep the entertainment levels high. Thankfully, with over two decades of experience in the gambling industry, CT Gaming has a portfolio of over 500 games, so whether you prefer slots, roulette, or bingo games, you will definitely be able to find something that you like.

When you are playing their slot games, you will quickly notice just how well made they are. All of their slot games come with bright, colourful, and clear symbols, fluid animations, and sound effects that will keep you engaged without annoying you. When it comes to their slot bonus games, they are easy to understand, but are still exciting and give you the chance to win some decent cash prizes.

However, as they originally catered only for brick and mortar casinos before entering the online casino world, their games have been created with the more traditional casino player in mind. Therefore, it is fair to say that gameplay and functionality are prioritised over fancy graphics, and you will probably be able to tell that you are playing a traditional brick and mortar slot game that has been converted for online use.

Best in Show

CT Gaming really excels at analysing user trends, so they do more than provide a list of their best slots - they have a “Hot Games” list that will actually inform you about the games that have been the most popular over the last year. Some of their popular games include Fluftails, Bombay Gems, and Misty Forest.

They are always developing more games, so it is certain that the 500 games that they currently have on offer will quickly become 600 and then 700. They will keep on creating games until they have explored and developed every thematic avenue.