NetMediaEurope Came into Being Thanks to a Huge Poker Win

Mark Lens is the founder of NetMediaEurope, but this fantastic company is only in existence today due to some outrageous luck that he had. Okay, where they are today is down to all of their hard work and dedication, but if it weren’t for Lady Luck, the company would never have got off the ground.


Lens Had a Vision from a Young Age

Ever since he can remember, Lens has been fascinated by everything to do with technology. While all other kids his age wanted to go outside and play football, he wanted to stay indoors and play with whatever gadgets he could get his hands on.

When he was going through his higher education, one of his assignments involved creating a plan for a website. While all the other kids in his class struggled when it came to creating innovative ideas, Lens had no problem as he had been thinking about a company and website that he wanted to build for a while. It was a business that would help everyone keep up to date with all the latest technology news and help other companies to advertise their new technology.

The teacher absolutely loved his idea and he got an A+ in that assignment. However, he knew that unless he won a decent sum of money, he was never going to be able to turn his idea into a reality.

That is Exactly What Happened Though

When he finished his education, Lens got a job helping other companies to build great websites. He enjoyed his job and it was very well paid, but it just wasn’t exactly what he wanted to be doing with his life.

Aside from technology, Lens has another guilty pleasure in life and that is playing poker. In fact, according to all of his friends, he is one of the best poker players that they know. Every now and then he would enter a poker tournament that was held at a casino close to where he lived. If you’re agree with us but want to try videopoker and don’t know how to play, here’s your link.

He always dreamed about winning the prize money because he knew that he would be able to use it to create the company that he had been dreaming of for many years. However, he never really got close to winning. His luck just always seemed to disappear.

One Friday after work, he headed straight over to the casino to take part in their poker tournament. He had a good feeling that night. The tournament started and two hours later there was just him and another guy left.


This was the closest that he had ever come to the $250,000 jackpot and to say he was nervous would be a huge understatement. In fact, his hands were trembling slightly as he was just one good hand away from having more than enough money to turn his idea into reality.

When he picked up his final hand, he was shocked to see that he had a Royal Flush. He went all in, while trying his best to give off a vibe that he was bluffing. It must have worked as his opponent went all in too. Lens revealed his hand and when he saw the disappointed look on his opponent’s face, he knew that he had won. His opponent had Straight Flush, a very decent hand, but not enough to beat a Royal Flush. Lens had won the $250,000 jackpot. This moment was streamed in direct on Yebo Casino!

He Set about Making His Dream Come True

Lens wasted no time in setting up the company and building their first website. It took him around six months to get everything perfect for launch.

When it launched, it was an immediate success and he couldn’t really believe how fast it took off. Nowadays, he has 85 employees and the company operates in six different countries across Europe.

But he is still not content. He wants the company to get bigger and bigger and we see absolutely no reason why it cannot.